L’Oeil dans le Rétro, Avoise, Sarthe

Back to the past at charming L’Oeil dans le Rétro campsite

We were very happy to have found this charming and quaint campsite on the river Sarthe giving a nod to nostalgia, full of vintage caravans for hire as well as an old Citroen 2CV and 1950s and 60s memorabilia in the reception area, such as a telephone and even a mono record player.  Remember those?  The ones which had the speaker on the inside of the lid?  We used to have one in our bedroom as children in the late 60s and 70s and seeing this took me right back to my family home in La Coruña.  Happy memories!

Vintage caravans at L’Oeil dans le Rétro

We had a wonderful large pitch right by the river bank, where Adonis could fish from, and there was a lovely park in the next field to walk Beano.  We stayed there for 3 day in order enjoy the pretty surroundings and more pleasant fishing.  It was also very quiet at night, which made a nice change from Vias!

Spot the difference: Our large pitch by the Sarthe
Not far for Adonis to fish!

The afternoons, however, were busy with visitors to the park, some families enjoying their BBQs and the children’s play area, as well as the river cruises stopping on the jetty for the passengers to get off and stretch their legs, taking the footpath along the river to the village and back.  This was the only part of the day that was a little noisy, but the rest of the time was peaceful and relaxing.

Day trippers on a ferry docking by campsite

There was a small shop opposite the campsite, but unfortunately, it decided to shut during our stay and I ended up baking my own baguette for lunch, of which I’m very proud.  We also had some pitta bread in the freezer, which was enough to see us through until we left for continue our journey north.

homemade baguette

The morning after we arrived was very wet, but I have to admit that, after the extreme and uncomfortable high temperatures we had experienced in the previous weeks, this came as a bit of a relief and I’m sure the land desperately needed the water as much as the cooler temperatures.  It really felt like the summer had come to an abrupt end, but things would soon improve again and I loved my walks with Beano around the park and exploring the little village.

View of private estate from the local park
Charming house by the river
I was fascinated by the ceiling in the village church
And there is always something very charming about these ‘labours’, old community washing basins

And when the weather got cooler, we had the comfort of delicious homemade espresso!

Creature comforts on a rainy day

21 thoughts on “L’Oeil dans le Rétro, Avoise, Sarthe

      1. Pizza: every other week!
        Many motorhomes don’t have ovens, like the Hymer we used to have, but I got frustrated and we sold it last year and bought this newer one with everything I need, including oven, big fridge-freezer, garage and a set double bed at the back, plus a spare one over the cabin area that swings down. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, the seats at the front turn into beds and it would sleep 5 people quite comfortably, but it is just the 2 of us on the fixed bed at the back. The garage is under that bed, with a large door from the outside at the rear and we have shelves and lots of boxes for storage.

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    1. I have the feeling that as the present times seem so glum and depressing, people are looking to the past. And that church was very unusual, but peaceful: I wasn’t scared, even though I was the only person there. Who could hurt me after all? You’re right about it looking like a tunnel, though. I hadn’t thought about it like that: Very observant! 👍


      1. The past isn’t exactly less glum and depressing for people of colour, so I prefer to look to the future 😂 History is great though. I studied it all the way up to college, but definitely not where I would look to for comfort.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not just for people of colour! Spain was quite poor too for many years after the civil war (1936-39) and we were still in a dictatorship until 1975 and the Catholic church had tremendous power. It was a very sexist and unfair society. People could go to prison for just speaking up against the government and we were not even allowed to speak our local languages publicly. I remember neighbours having clandestine meetings to change things that would have landed them in prison. Having said that, I remember my childhood and friends in the 60s and 70s with fondness and the gadgets we saw in the campsite reception brought happy memories, not bad. I like to focus on the positive: I’d go mad otherwise.


      3. Understood, but I think the difference is that Spain can safely categorize that as the past. People of colour, particularly Black people in America, are still living in the aftermath of slavery, segregation and present-day racism. So any move forward is progress (for the most part), on a historical issue that is not yet resolved.

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    1. Thank you for that suggestion, but I’m not sure how to do that. Google maps is a great way to find out and I refer to it regularly when reading other bloggers’ post if I’m not sure where the places they describe are. Sarthe is the department around Le Mans, north of Tours.

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