Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Enchanting ancient Forest of Dean

After our visit to stunning and mystic Anglesey, we drove south back to the main land and Snowdonia National Park, where we stayed at the Torrent Campsite in Dolgellau, surrounded by woodland and mountains, and we loved our walk following the stream and waterfalls nearby.

Torresnt Campsite, Dolgellau, Snowdonia
Lovely dog walk following the stream

The day after, we started our way south east and stopped at a wonderful motorhome aire (very unusual for GB) at Abberley, between Kidderminster and Worcester.  We were surrounded by sheep again and my afternoon walk took me round the sheep farm, with great views of the landscape and nearby countryside.  The aire cost £14, including E.H.U. and water, and the pitches were large and separated by hedges, just like in France: marvellous!

Misty Snowdonia on our way back to England
Wonderful French-style motorhome aire at Abberley, Worcestershire
Sheep and motorhome in the background
And they came to say Hello!
Just before sunset

On what was going to be the last day of a most beautiful and fascinating holiday, we went to the enchanting Forest of Dean, where Adonis was born.  We parked near the Cannop Ponds, where he used to come fishing as a young lad, but this time we went for a long walk around the lakes and to one of the few remaining free mines, of which he made a documentary for his second degree year.

Cannop Ponds
pretty waterfall
Following the disused mine railtrack
Forest of Dean Free mine
Entrance to mine
Some coal still remains
Not sure I’d take a bath here, though!

Outside the mine, there is an sculpture commemorating the victims of an accident that took place here in September 1902.

The walk back was even more charming and Adonis was proud to show me the favourite fishing spot of his youth.

Gorgeous autumn colours in the Forest of Dean
Forest of Dean unique Pennant Sandstone has a multitude of architectural and decorative uses
Full of charm
A happy Adonis in his favourite fishing spot

I’d never been in the Forest of Dean before, so it was all very exciting and interesting for me too.  The forest itself is quite wild and unkempt, adding to its unique charm, beauty and mystery.  I was very pleased to see my husband’s old haunting grounds and where his passion for fishing began.  I hope we’ll be back when the bluebells are out in the spring, as I know this is one of the best places in the UK to see them. 

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